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Oxfordshire Artweeks - Bicester 2022

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Artweeks 2022 Trail Map

Oxfordshire Artweeks celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, so it is with great delight that we announce this years venue at No. 16 Sheep Street, Bicester. Our venue this year is courtsey of W.E. Black ltd. who have very kindly offered us this space to bring you a superb collection of local & talented artists and creators. Special thanks also go to Teknos in Bicester for their contribition of the best paint out there to decorate our walls. Thank you.

We have created a Trail Map for the event in this area to make it easier to find the different venues and ensure you don't miss out a special visit to these wonderful places and amazing art.

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IMG 1882

From the first look, it is clear how much time, concentration and patience goes into these creations. So, putting as much or more effort into stretching, mounting and framing is paramount.

In this blog, you will learn some top tips about the processes and techniques that ensure the artwork is protected from dust, moisture and harmful UV rays, whilst also displaying in an attractive frame and mount – allowing the designs to be seen at their best.


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FATG Enhanced LogoWhat are the Five Levels of Framing? 

These are set out in the UK by the Fine Art Trade Guild and act as a framework and a set of guidelines for choosing the appropriate materials and methods suitable for framing your items.

When having something framed it is worth thinking about the standard you want the item framed to. This may not have crossed your mind, but there is a wide range of framing material available to the bespoke framer and it is our job to select the correct material for the job. While nobody is compelled to use these guidelines It does make sense for us to use them as reference when considering having something framed.

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Framing in black and white

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 Interest in interior design continues to grow and art is increasingly being used to complement the colour and theme of a room’s décor.  

The correct choice of artwork and frames can add important finishing touches to the interior design of your home.  But with colours and themes going out as soon as they come in, it’s hard to know what’s hot and what’s not. 

Despite ever changing interior design trends, black and white images and photographs continue to be a popular & timeless choice.

The ability of black and white images to fit many decorating styles has contributed to its increased popularity, and customers have become more open to alternative, more sophisticated framing designs for these items.

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FramesChoosing the right picture frame and mount for your pictures, photographs and treasured memories can be a real challenge.

Getting the right proportions helps create balance and harmony, after all a framed picture is the finishing touch to your room and should complement the decor perfectly and impress your family and friends too. But, most importantly, it should make your art or picture the main focus of attention.

For those items that are precious to you, either sentimentally or financially, it's important to consider protecting them. Opting for quality conservation materials at the outset is a wise choice and will ensure that future generations can enjoy them too.  

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