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Bicester Art Network Terms and Conditions

Bicester Art Network requests that you read, understand their terms and conditions for members and guests.


  • To be considered a full member the first year joining fee and the annual subscription must be paid in full.

  • Members agree to attend a minimum of 70% of monthly meetings i.e. 9 / 12 per annum.

  • Members agree to the storage of their data on our systems, we do not share your data with 3rd parties.

  • Your data is held on our systems purely for the purposes of running the organisation, marketing events and communicating with you. Personal details are not shared unless specific instructions are given.

  • Priority access to Bicester Art Network Exhibitions will be given, this means:
    • You will be advised of the event before it is published to the wider audience
    • You will have a maximum of 5 working days from the date of the invite to accept, before offers to non-members are invited.
    • You may still be able to participate in exhibitions after the 5-working day window, but only if there is space available.
    • The number of exhibitors is limited based on the space available for the exhibition in question.
    • Membership of Bicester Art Network does not entitle you to discounts / reduction of fees for other organisations and their events i.e., Oxfordshire Artweeks rules / fees will still apply to all exhibitors taking part.
    • Some exhibitions are open to artist only via personal invite by the exhibition owner, (such as Artists in the Countryside). The Bicester Art Network can not offer priory access to such exhibitions.
  • Monthly meetings will take place on the third Tuesday of each month. We reserve the right to change this should the need require us to do so. we will do our best to give as much notice as is reasonable should this happen.

  • The venue will be at the Whiteland's Kitchen and Bar, Whitelands Sports Ground, Bicester. We reserve the right to change this should circumstances require us to do so. We will do our best to give as much notice as is reasonable should this happen.

  • Guests - Non-members interested in joining Bicester Art Network can attend up to 4 meetings before committing to membership but will need to pay the non-member rate for the monthly meetings.


A joining fee is required for your first year only, payable in advance with your first-year subscription.

The membership year runs from January to December. If you join mid-year we will charge for the first full year, plus a pro rata charge for the time over and above one year. i.e., if you join in July, you pay £2/month Jul-Dec plus annual membership of £24 i.e., £36

Monthly meeting fee must be paid at the start of each event. If you do not attend a monthly meeting, no monthly meeting fee is payable.

Payment via electronic payment will be required, no cash accepted.


 Premium Membership  Standard Membership


 Joining Fee (One off payment) - £10


Annual Membership - £24 / annum


Monthly Meeting - £5 / meeting


Monthly Meeting - £12 / meeting


Annual cost year one (assuming 12 monthly meetings attended)

YEAR 1 - £94

YEAR 2 onwards - £84

(Just £7/Month)


Annual cost (assuming 12 monthly meetings attended)

YEAR 1 onwards - £144

(Just £12/Month)


As a social gathering it is extremely important that every member and guest has the best possible experience.

Therefore there are 3 simple lines of guidance

  1. Be respectful of others and their opinions and endeaovour not to talk over speakers.
  2. Be kind, courteous and supportive of other artists and do your best to engage with other members
  3. please leave the premises in the same or better condition as it was when you arrived.

Social Media

Bicester Art Network has a Facebook Group under the same name. It is requested that members of this group behave within the rules set out. 

On joining the group, new members will be required to complete the 3 questions. The moderators reserve the right not to accept members that do not complete these questions.


Facebook rules are shown below

Bicester Art Network Facebook Group - This is an open group for all artists Bicester and surrounding Villages for on-line discussions, networking and support.
We also offer support for those wishing to taking part in Oxfordshire Artweeks.
Admin expect members to be self-policing and restrained in their posting, the rules are generally more by way of ‘guidelines for participation’, but please do not overtly disregard them.
This is a positive, on line, arena for artists and art lovers to deliver a positive contribution within the OX25, 26 & 27 Post Code areas. Remember the Network is trying to promote and encourage local art and artists within the community and to share knowledge.
  • Introducing your Art or Art Business , when you join.
  • Creating opportunities for others in the community.
  • Posting Wants or Needs and Solutions to those needs.
  • Sharing information or knowledge - Hints, Tips, things that have worked for you.
  • Promoting Art Events and Charity Fundraisers.
  • Encouraging, supporting and celebrating achievements and wins.
  • Inspire others.
  • First hand testimonials of a members art or craft.
NOT Allowed:
  • Attacking the Admin who are all volunteers.
  • Advertisements for your services/goods etc. on the Network in isolation. (Defined as an unpaid straightforward announcement of goods or services in the media that does nothing other than promote those goods and services.)
  • Event promotion that is both so heavily branded and so regular that any Admin perceives it to be an ‘advertisement'.
  • Inundate the group with repeat, event or self-promotional, messages. We ask you post no more than 2 such posts in a week, with at least 24 hours between them, excluding responding to someone else's posts. Additional posts may be removed.
  • Posts by third parties, that promote other businesses, that are not original first hand testimonials, or a response to a request for service/goods supplier will be removed.
  • Please do not say anything you would not say face-to-face; be respectful of everyone’s entitlement to his or her own views. (Communication using the written word alone is not what human beings are designed to do. There is always a risk of being misunderstood in this medium, be careful what you say and how you say it.)
  • If you are responding, on the group pages, to a request for supplier suggestion then it should be for a business in the Bicester area. If it obviously isn't it may be removed.
Lets keep it positive, polite, inclusive and professional.
Lets work together to help create a thriving art community in Bicester and surrounding villages.

Events & Exhibitions

  • Artists will be expected to participate in the group rota during events and exhibitions.
    • This may involve using a simple till, security at the event or hosting customers.
  • We, as part of our operating model, strive to re-energise and improve the places we occupy, always leaving them in a better state than when we arrived.
    • Your support in this endeavour will be appreciated and we may get invited back.
  • All the equipment we use to put on an exhibition has been funded by local organisations, funding, Dragonfly Framing ltd and Bicester Art Network, so it is imperative that it is looked after and cared for.
    • Installing and taking down exhibitions requires care and attention to ensure everything is available, neat and tidy ready for the next event, your help with this is always much appreciated.
    • Artboards can be hired at a cost of £20 per day per set along with an apropriate deposit.
    • Till equipment is also available to hired by special arrangement, please speak to use to findod costs and requirements
  • Commission will be in two tiers:
    Premium Members - 10% of gross sales.
    • Credit card Fees will also be deducted from the final amount. (These credit cards fees are subject to change but currently sit at 1.75% of transaction)
  • Standard Members - 15% commission of gross sales.
    • Credit card Fees will also be deducted from the final amount. (These credit cards fees are subject to change but currently sit at 1.75% of transaction)
  • Additional fees may be required that are outside Bicester Art Networks control. for example: Oxfordshire Artweeks Membership Fee and Exhibition Fee.
    • We aim to fairly distribute costs of these fees equally amongst Premium and Bronze member alike.
  • Event space - This is wholly determined by the selected venue and its capacity.
    • Bicester Art Network will work hard to ensure all artists have an equal space. However, it is possible that some artists have less to show than others, so we strive to be very flexible during our curation of any event.

 Whitelands Sports Centre Art Wall

  • Exhibiting on the Whitelands Art Wall is an exclusive benefit of Bicester Art Network Premium membership.
  • Display periods and space will be allocated to the artist by the curator.
  • Artists will need to be available on the last Sunday of the month for installation and takedown of their allocated display period.
  • Display periods will start / end on the last Sunday of each month between 3pm and 6pm.
  • Space will be allocated by the curator for each artist based on details within the completed application form. the curators decission is final.
  • You will be responsible for installation and take down of your art display on the hooks & hangers available. Not other hanging methods will be accepted, and no blutac or sticky tape must be used on walls etc. If you do not turn up for either event' we reserve the right to fill the space with other art or take down your art and store it safely until you collect it. 
  • Application forms should be completed in full, a minimum of 10 days prior to the artists allocated display period.
  • Artists display their art at their own risk and will be responsible for any insurance against loss or damage. Bicester Art Network, Dragonfly Framing amd FeastHomeFeast accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to artworks whilst on the premises.
  • Artists are reponsible for installation and removal of art on the display period start/end dates. Hanging equipment will be provided.
  • A full list of art titles, description, artist name, prices and quantities must be submitted using the online form provided, using MS Word / Excel, .txt or .ds file formats.
  • Art images, artist bank details, and other information will be required (via application form) prior to any display being permitted.
  • An art commission will be payable at 10% of gross retail price and any credit cards fees charged at 1.75% of sale value..
  • Artist Bank details will be required so that any funds from sales (post deduction of commission and banking fees) can be returned. Payments of funds will takeplace in the month following the display period. 
  • Mon-Fri | 09:00-17:00 | Registered office: Rowood House, First Floor, Suite B, Murdock Road, Bicester, OX26 4PP