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The Story of Dragonfly Framing

The story of Dragonfly Framing started as a 'project' to release my photography from the grasp of the PC screen. The digital era has had a profound effect on photography and for many this has led to pictures being stored on hard drives and social networks across the land, never to see the light of day in print. So the idea, to start framing my photography using high quality prints, began.

I spend lots of  money on getting photography printed professionally to a very high standard, on great papers that show off images to their best, so l want to frame it to the same standard. Using Giclée [Pronounced: Gee ~ clay] printing processes you can achieve supberb results with improved resolution, colour range and longevity of prints. So this is where conservation standard framing comes in. Using pH neutral materials throughout protects your work well, moreover, conservation whitecore mountboard bevel cuts stay white and don't turn brown over time. The  photographic paper does not discolour and the latest UV glass is virtually invisible so the viewer is drawn at the artwork rather than their reflection.

Photography and art have been an interest for many years now so developing my small but well appointed framing studio is a labour of love, turning a hobby into a profession. It's then a small step to make, to offer a service to others, so that they too can release their work into the open.

I have been very much inspired by the people and processes I have come across in my journey to create Dragonfly Framing. I have learnt so much about the 'art of the possible' to present unique finished pieces that will I hope will delight for years to come.  

Whilst I am a keen photographer, I love to to see your art too, whether it's an oil painting, a watercolour or some other format lets work together to present your masterpiece in the best possible way.


IMG 1350Graham is a professional picture framer and founder of Dragonfly Framing in Bicester. He started his career within the horticultural industry some 35 years ago. Having started growing fruit trees and shrubs in the fields around the south coast before moving into the retail sector. Latterly Graham spent a decade in marketing, winning awards from the Marketing Society for his efforts, before finally deciding to take the plunge and set up his new business in a completely new sector, Picture Framing.

With his keen interest in the arts, photography, the natural world and of course horticulture, Picture Framing was not the most obvious choice of a future career. However, his desire to present his photography to a wider audience and to find a creative outlet that offered a better work/life balance than working away from home the majority of the time was high on the list of priorities. His love of art and horticultural background, influences his photography, and the practical side of picture framing appealed very much to his practical and creative skills. Having invested in the tools of the trade and training Graham launched Dragonfly Framing in February 2017 and hasn’t looked back since.

  • Mon-Fri | 09:00-17:00 | Registered office: Rowood House, First Floor, Suite B, Murdock Road, Bicester, OX26 4PP