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Protecting and preserving your memories, art and photography for future generations to enjoy.

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Dragonfly Framing is a busy little studio, so, it's wise to book an appointment ahead of your planned visit. You can do so here , thank you. 

Our services and products 

Dragonfly Framing

At Dragonfly Framing, Bicester

I offer the following services to my customers and undertake many different framing projects both big and small, and aim to achieve a highly aesthetically pleasing result that you will be fully satisfied with.

As a small independent picture framing studio in Bicester I offer a very personalised, high quality service, I'm passionate about it! Quality underpins everything I do from the best materials to the final presentation of the finished framed masterpiece.

I cater for private clients, artists, photographers and small business owners in North Oxfordshire. I believe that even if what you have framed is of great sentimental value or has a high price tag, I'll treat it with the same respect.

I use conservation standard framing processes and materials that are advised by the Fine Art Trade Guild for art, memorabilia and photographs that you wish to preserve for future generations. Whilst this may cost a little more, the use of certified grade materials ensures that it’ll last many years to come. To find out more about the standard you may require for your artwork or limited edition print click here

I frame pictures for customers from Bicester, Oxford, Bletchingdon, Kidlington, Broughton, Buckingham, Banbury, Croughton, High Wycombe & Middle Aston, even Birmingham and London.

Please contact me if you'd like further information

My services include:

Bespoke Picture Framing

Framing your pictures at my Bicester studio

Bespoke Framing ServiceI offer a friendly and welcoming Bespoke Framing Service to Fine Art Trade Guild commended and conservation standard for your art, photography, embroidery, memorabilia and and just about anything else, within reasonable limits of course! For items that are valuable to you, whether precious sentimental pieces or just worth a lot, we use certified conservation materials that'll protect them into the future. There are thousands of frame types to choose from and I get regular deliveries so they are available when required. I build your frame by hand to order so it'll fit perfectly into your home or office. 

When having something framed it is worth thinking about the standard you want the item framed to. This may not have crossed your mind, but there is a wide range of framing material available to the bespoke framer and it is our job to select the correct material for the job. While nobody is compelled to use these guidelines it does make sense for us to use them as reference when considering having something framed.framing


Memorabilia Framing

  • Preserving memorabilia

    This is an important part of the framing I do at Dragonfly Framing. Whether it's of historical importance or a cherished keepsake, the materials and techniqes used are the key to the conservation of these precious objects. The techniques used must conform to strict standards and be full reversible so that if in 20 years the items is removed from its frame it would be in same condition it was in when it was framed. The materials used are pH neutral and made from higher quality raw materials, thus helping to conserve the garments or objects within the frame.

    Many options are available from double mounts, multi-window displays, even the addition of brass plaques and photographs and UV protection glass. memorabilia webThis can greatly enhance your story within the frame and using the finest materials preserve your precious objects for years to come. A recent example was a WW1 dress uniform with a fascinating story and history. The garment was over 100 years old so a lot of care was taken to choose the right materials and techniques and to present the finished frame in a visually appealing way. The piece was further enhanced with the choice of glass used, choosing to go with a UV protection glass with anti-reflective properties. UV protection helps protect the fabric from harmful UV light, whilst the anti-reflective coating enhances the viewing pleasure.



Creative Mount Cutting

Creative mount cutting

Precision cut mounts using top quality technology creating simple and more complex designs, on a wide range of high quality mountboards. I have invested in an advanced computerised mount cutter to obtain the perfect cut and finish every time. I offer a wide range of mountboards in different thicknesses and colours and with my complimentary consultation it will ensure the end result is right for the final hanging space. Precision cuts allow me to add multiple mountboard layers to add depth or help focus the viewer's eye on the subject. I also offer some great additional services for your mount such as debossing, drawing, 'V' groves, lines and fancy corners! Lets discuss your ideas.

IMG 1746 2

I can:

  • Create mounts to exact requirements in the finest conservation mountboard.
  • Produce precision multi-layer & multi opening mounts.
  • Add creative corners and or V groves to further enhance your finished frame.
  • Create repeat mounts at exact sizes, just let us know when you require more.
  • Re-mount your older pictures that are faded, mouldy or been damaged with fresh, clean & creative new mounts.
  • Add unique finishing touches to your mount that'll be the talk of the town.
  • Finish your mounted artwork with a carefully chosen frame and glass.

There are so many other possibilities, too many to list, and I'll be happy to discuss your needs, whether for an event, wedding, party or occasion.

Specialist Framing Glass

Specialist Picture Glass

Glass can transform the end result and can make or break the finish of a framed picture.

Picture Framing Glass was not created equal. To keep it simple lets split glass in to four groups, Traditional, Affordable Clarity, Minimum Conservation and Clarity Conservation.

Glass Choices


  Today's 'Float Glass' is great quality compared to days of old, but is a simple 2mm sheet of clear glazing that offers a minimum protection against dust and dirt.

Affordable Clarity

  Glass in this group offers more protection against harmful UV light than traditional float glass. It has a UV coating that removes 70% of harmful UV light reducing fading, and an anti-reflective coating which has properties that enhance the visual appearance of the framed subject.

Minimum Conservation

  Although without an anti-reflective coating this glass has a very effective 99% UV protection coating that meets conservation standards. It's an affordable option for those pictures and paintings most at risk of exposure to harmful UV light.

Clarity Conservation

  This glass you get the full protective qualities with a 99% UV coating but also utilises a great anti-relective coating as well. This means it  meets both conservation standards and visual clarity expectations you'd expect from this premium product. 

Choosing your glass

  Standard framing uses 2mm float glass for those on a budget, however, on the most part I choose to use TueVue glass to glaze with, this enhances the overall outcome and used extensively in conservation and museum level framing.  For valued artwork, photographs and textiles that require the very best UV protection and anti-reflection that will help to protect those precious pieces for years to come museum glass is highly recommended.

For pictures over 1m square laminated or thicker glass is recommended.

Choose from:

  • 2mm Float Glass for basic framing where UV and anti reflective properties are not required. This is the most affordable option for those on a tight budget, however, should the art, photograph or memorabilia be of sentimental value or have a high price tag you should consider one of the other options.
  • Tru Vue UltraVue UV70 - This glass offers both anti-reflection and a degree of UV protection. It will block 70% of UV light and remove all but 1 degree of reflections too. It will enhance the brightness and clarity and bring out the colours of your pictures.
  • Conservation Clear is the most popular UV glass, a 2.5mm float glass with a very high UV protection blocking 99% of UV light to keep your picture beautiful for longer. However, this glass does not offer any anti-reflection.
  • Museum glass AND Conservation grade UV protection. An exceptionally clear type of glass that is almost invisible thanks to Tru Vue's proprietary manufacturing process. It will also block 99% of UV light that is harmful to your photographs, art and important memorabilia.

Canvases and Canvas Stretching

Canvas stretching

stetcherMade to measure for your canvas, stretcher bars are cut to order. I continue the process offering additional framing options too. 

I cut stretcher bars to the required size using several different depths specially designed to hold the canvas. Stretcher bars can be held in place by our standard corner wedge or a more sophisticated 'arrow head' design (enabling re-stretching at a  later date should it be required).

Canvases can be gallery wrapped (so that the image covers both the sides and front) or wrapped with white canvas on the sides. Once stretched I can frame with either a stunning float frame or a more traditional frame or simply leave as a contemporary gallery wrap, whatever suits!

The addition of an L frame, also known as a tray frame, enhances the finished look and feel and final touches such as a breathable paper dust cover to the rear ensure ingress of dust & insects is minimised.canvas web

Textiles and Embroidery

Textiles and Embroidery


Tapestry, cross-stitch and embroidery are frequent items presented at the studio and need special treatment to ensure they are kept clean, are supported and squared appropriately ahead of framing. Conservation materials should be selected for valuable or historic pieces to ensure they are preserved into the future.

I never use glue when framing textiles as this has detrimental effects on the fabric over time and can ruin valuable pieces beyond repair.

Picture Frame Refurbishment

Refurbish Existing Art


If you have a framed image that needs re-glazing, re-mounting or removal of bugs, I can find a suitable glass or acrylic, cut a replacement mount to the exact size required and fit it for you and give it a good clean. This can revitalise and transform much loved pictures so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Framed Mirrors

Mirror Framing

I also stock a small selection of bevelled mirrors from 406mm x 303 mm  (16” x 12”) in size, and can frame to suit your interior design.

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