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Book time in my diary for your picture framing consultation.

There are several things that are really helpful for me to understand before framing your artwork or memorabilia. Here is a quick guide:

  • What location / environment will the picture will hang in. A simple photo on your phone can be really helpful.
  • Is there a particular colour theme required? For example, will your picture hang on a magnolia wall or a bright purple one?
  • Do you have a specific size space you wish to hang your picture in?
  • Is your picture valuable, either monetary or sentimental?
  • How is your picture currently stored, will it need special protection whilst I frame it. For instance, pastels, charcoal or chalks are very suseptible to damage like smudging.
  • Are your pictures rolled or stored flat. It may take a little longer if rolled as we need to flatten them in the framing process.

Certified Framer