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1 Chloe Romanoscloelea@aol.com
Chloe Romanos is a French jewellery designer and maker, based in Oxfordshire.

She uses traditional silversmithing techniques to create contemporary statement rings, necklaces and earrings, sustainably produced using recycled precious metals (sterling silver and 9ct gold) and gemstones (her favourites: labradorite, opal, moonstone, amethyst, garnet…).

Her initial training in archaeology and her fascination for Art and Crafts has inspired her to learn about transforming metals and combining different materials to create little poetic keepsakes, using traditional silversmithing techniques.

“I like to create statement jewellery that stands out on the body. I imagine and design pieces that are small pieces of wearable art.

Each creation has a story behind it, from the winged creations inspired by Art Nouveau to the textured effects that are a reminiscence of the worn aspect of archaeological treasures dug up from the ground. I also like to let my imagination be guided by memories of inspiring places I have visited, quotes from poems I have read, or by the material itself.”

She studied jewellery making and silversmithing at the Jewellery School in Birmingham. She also hold a Master in Art History and Archaeology from Sorbonne University in Paris and a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Birmingham.
2 Dianne Augustinedia_nnemarieartist@outlook.com
Watercolour Acrylics Pastels Pencil Drawing Mixed Media Pen & Ink
Dianne Augustine (b. 1965, UK) is a disabled women of colour who uses art as therapy for pain management. While dealing with her health challenges Dianne’s aim her artwork to transcend the limitations of her disabilities.

Dianne’s practice, she prefers to uses mixed media of acrylic and oil paints, collage, pastels, ink, pens and crayons to illuminate and transform her idea on to the canvas.

An Artist comment on Dianne series “Sanity” “to be contradictory as it shows proof of an enviable creative health.” Dianne has found great healing and comfort in her artwork. In this series she also wanted to show her audacious, vibrant and inner strength she gets this series.
3 Daniel Craftdanielcraftartist@gmail.com
Digital Mixed Mediawww.danielcraft.art
My Name is Daniel Craft and I am a BA Honours Fine Art graduate from the University of Northampton.

Currently based in my home county of Oxfordshire, my artistic practice focuses on the utilization of digital editing and sculpting software to create colourful and vibrant images. These images are responses to how I and many other feel in the moment in relation to current politics and queer identity.

I am known for having input (while also exhibiting as well) in the curation of different exhibitions. These include (with support from art galleries Two Queens and NN Contemporary), “Constellate” (2022) and working with the owners of the Grade I Listed House Lamport Hall in a show entitled “Forecast” (2022)
65b00e8903ffb-DCR_Suffocated_In_Blue JPG.jpg
65b00e89180c3-Potential Social Media Profile Picture (2024-Current) (Not An Artwork).jpg
4 Stacey Prigentstacey.prigent@btinternet.com
I am an amateur ceramicist who enjoys nothing more than playing with clay in my garden shed studio. I like to create functional items that will be bring joy to the every day, but I am also exploring the more sculptural side of the medium. I prefer hand building techniques, and intend for things to look and feel hand made. 65aff8f162dd8-P1000076.JPG
5 Amrita Nandaamritasinghdeo@gmail.com
Oils Acrylics Mixed Mediahttps://www.instagram.com/_amritananda_
Hi, I am Amrita Nanda, a Surreal Artist !
My artistic journey began since school, achieved College colours for Art in Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer, India; Two gold medals and a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda, India. I carried my creative stint further in the retail sector as a Visual merchandiser, after which I followed my surreal energy to being an artist.
My artworks are a colourful surreal escape into my world. Working with different mediums, materials, and concepts, I express myself through my paintings. They are bold, bright & colourful with a sense of movement in them. My inspiration comes from everything around me, both in UK and India.
Dreams, feelings, emotions, life experiences, places I have travelled and not travelled are reflected in my artworks as surreal in real. My works are concept driven by the invisible, that cannot be seen but can only be felt in our minds, by our bodies and around us. Painting to me is a constant discovery of oneself, an evolution of the mind and soul and my aim is to make the invisible visible to my
audience, for them to feel that same energy & happiness as I do. An invisible experience of a language of every artwork that speaks to the viewer, like they speak to me when I create them.
I am honoured to have showcased and achieved recognition for many of my artworks across UK.
65ae812a86048-In Love with the Damsels.JPG
65ae812a8c7f1-Yellow Hibiscus by Amrita Nanda .jpg
65ae812a9b94c-Raati by Amrita Nanda .jpg
65ae812aa67ac-Time Traveler’s Diary by Amrita Nanda .jpg
65ae812aad778-Flying Staircases by Amrita Nanda.jpeg
6 Tricia Wormaldtricia.wormald@btinternet.com
Watercolour Oils Acrylics Pen & Inkinstagram.com/floweringmagnolia
After a lifetime ( and a half!) in commerce, I'm following the career I should have had - in art. I discovered Chinese Brush Painting ten years ago, and immediately felt at home with the beauty, spirituality, philosophy and the culture of this ancient art. So much of my work is ink and chinese watercolour on plant based papers like Mulberry or on silk. However, I also love the lusciousness of oil and the brightness of acrylic. Whatever the medium, I aim to follow the traditions of Chinese art to capture the essence, the lifeforce, the "chi" of the subject matter and transmit this to the viewer. 65909b916a645-ARTSEA7.jpg
7 Carolyn Tyrercjtyrer@googlemail.com
Carolyn is a professional artist who paints a wide variety of subjects including seascapes , harbours and country scenes .,

Her iconic seascapes and harbours are featured in the RNLI calendars and diaries. They have an International following .

Her wave and beach scenes capture the movement and mood of the sea. She is widely recognised for her ability to paint the translucency of the water as the waves crash onto the shore .
Her paintings are in collections throughout the world from SanFrancisco to Sydney , from Canada to New Zealand .

Limited edition fine art prints are available as well as the beautiful original paintings she produces.

If you’d like to be transported to the sea, to your happy place do visit Carolyn’s exhibition for Art Weeks .
8 Kelly Turner-KlujKellyturner621@gmail.com
Watercolour Acrylics Mixed Media Pen & Ink
I am a local bicester artist specialising in ink drawings and acrylic painting, I enjoy most mediums and am happiest when I'm creating something, im self taught and constantly learning which is an absolute joy, I love sharing my work with others 65906b69affc5-received_1776176349481071.jpeg
9 Louise Allisonoxfordartdesign@btconnect.com
Mixed Media Sculpture
A sculptor working in Oxfordshire, I work primarily in clay, a medium which I find both versatile and forgiving. I like to sculpt the human body and head finding endless challenges in character and variety. As I dont cast my work each piece is unique - a one off. 6443e38565569-Girl in sunglasses.jpg
6443e38577fcb-dancer IMG_6549.jpg
6443e3858f5bf-Male torso IMG_E6538.JPG
10 Alan Bickleyfutureurban@yahoo.com
Mixed Media
Based in Bicester, I run a small business where I salvage and upcycle anything with a modern industrial/cyberpunk look, ranging from jewellery to furniture. I also make what I like to call 3-D Cyberpunk art, where I make collages using salvaged electronic parts in box picture frames that I customise and modify myself. These have ranged from simple pieces with mobile phone circuits to more elaborate designs with certain themes.63f51976be594-P1040009.JPG
11 Vivien Willacyvivien_willacy@hotmail.com
Pastels Pencil Drawing
Born in Lancashire, I have lived in Oxfordshire for approximately 30 years. I only came to the discovery that I could draw in 2018 on the death of my father. I picked up a pencil and drew a lily and couldn't quite believe I'd done it. I then went on to draw a few pencil portraits for friends and relatives.
Drawing then stopped until I was furloughed in 2020 when I decided to try coloured pencils. From that point on I have been on a rollercoaster of a journey which resulted in my first exhibiting in Oxfordshire Artweeks, followed by Artists in the Countryside in 2022. Initially my work was animal portraits but as my confidence has grown I have explored other subjects and, more recently, a different medium. I draw what inspires me and as a country girl I am very much drawn to wildlife, the countryside and the coast. I do however love challenging myself and in this last year have drawn human portraits and the human form. My new medium is pastel pencil which I am loving. Someone said to me 'it's not like you draw doors', I had to confess yes I have, I've drawn a door!
This has turned into a real passion for me, it’s my yoga with pencils, my happy place, my escape! I particularly love taking the opportunity to showcase my work and I am very happy to talk to people about it. It has been quite a journey and being completely self-taught I hope I can inspire others jus
63f2a03c54e1e-fishing resize.jpg
63f2a03ca8661-img20220718_16413607 (2).jpg
63f2a03cd5b2b-img20220415_13320121 (2).jpg
12 Leslie Rileymariley44@live.co.uk
Oils AcrylicsN/A
My journey into art started in 1977 on Company business to Italy. Staying over the weekend I ventured into Pisa. I parked up facing the external wall to Miracle Square. An excellent position for a first glimpse of the 'Leaning tower of Pisa'. Armed with sketch pad and paints a quick line and wash was forthcoming. The finished water colour hung on my wall for many years. In 2005 the Museum of Modern Art Oxford invited artists to exhibit paintings under the heading 'Oxford Visions of the Future'. my 6 sketches - Pedestrian Precinct (Queen Street) - Westgate (shopping) - Transport (featuring a monorail) - Canal Marina (Worcester Street car park) - Environment (City Centre Traffic Control) - Concert Hall (with scalloped roof) were accepted and hung as a set of 6.
Painting Plein-air on the streets of London was a great experience in 2017/18. My finished paintings were hung in Chelsea Town Hall.
During the Oxfordshire Art Weeks I will be showcasing my art work of Cityscapes.
63ee9b9062ab9-thumbnail_art exhibition 21 - Copy.jpg
63ee9b9064549-thumbnail_art deco NY 2.jpg
63ee9b9068d40-thumbnail_venus sloan squ 1.jpg
13 MIRANDA MARKHAMMirandamariamarkham@gmail.com
Watercolour Oilshttps://instagram.com/mmmarkham?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Miranda Markham is an Oxfordshire based artist painting in watercolour and oil. She took up painting 8 years ago and enjoys painting across a wide variety of subjects although her speciality is still life and portraiture. Her style is loose and impressionistic inspired by her frequent trips to France and the beautiful summer light.

Miranda founded the Art in the Countryside charity exhibition in Newton Purcellwhere she partners with organiser Graham Perryman every June to celebrate local artists exhibiting and selling their work with a rural theme.

Miranda paints and sells her work throughout the year and is available for commissions
14 `Bethanne Brummellbethanne@brummell.org
Oils Acrylics Pastels Pen & Inkwww.bethanne.co.uk
I am an amateur artist living near Bicester. Regretfully I did not take up my art college place but still ended up in swinging London in the 1970’s. I worked for two publishing houses and two big record labels. I was born in the Far East and my palette is bright and I like detailed mark making. Using mainly acrylics I am now trying out different mediums. I am a member of the Association of Animal Artists exhibiting with them from time to time. Currently I’m enjoying the complexities of portraiture!63cbc7b096ddb-Young African Female.jpeg
63cbc7b1096b7-Blk edged white butterfly 20-46-05.JPG
63cbc7b11c761-Ditchley Park.jpg
15 Ruth Jakemanruthie62@btinternet.com
Oils Acrylics Mixed Mediaruthjakemanart.com
As a graphic designer and contemporary artist Ruth’s practice is informed by many interests, the natural world- flora & fauna, historical references to modern pop culture, re-imagined in her own graphic style.

Working mainly in acrylics directly from her own photographs and more recently exploring the process of digitally overlaying two photos to create vibrant, unique and often unexpected images that are then interpreted in paint.
This method allows the exploration of many subject matters, with endless possibilities....
63cabae153154-Floral 1 300dpi.jpeg
63cabae15bcbc-Floral 2 300dpi.jpeg
63cabae164dfe-Floral 3 300dpi.jpeg
16 Stephen Poultersjpservices@fastmail.fm
Oils Acrylics Digitalhttps://stephensarts.com/
I am Stephen Poulter.
Retired and paint as a hobby, usually with Oils but I also paint with Acrylics and on a rare occasion, watercolours too. Not to forget, I have been delving into digital art for about 8 years now and get about as much enjoyment as traditional art. My hope is to produce something that other people can appreciate
63c976a624061-23 Spring Day.jpg
63c976a632d87-Swimming up.jpg
17 Arthur Moore amoore2446@gmail.com
Watercolour Mixed Media
I describe my style of artwork as an explosion of colours with a contemporary style using both watercolour and Brusho. I get my inspiration from walks in the Oxfordshire countryside, through woodland and farmland, via public footpaths, also capturing beach scenes while visiting coastal areas of the UK. I’m a member of the National trust and the Berks, Bucks & Oxfordshire wildlife trust which adds to the abundance of wildlife and farm animals I can use in my paintings.
As from 1st January 2023 I have now started to incorporate a small Hedgehog stamp next to my signature; this will be on all my future artwork to make awareness of the decline of these beautiful animals.
63c95fd48324d-Golden Butterfly Pat resized.jpg
63c95fd4853fe-Mushrooms Pat Resized.jpg
63c95fd48cf44-Just Poppin out Pat Resized.jpg
18 Aida Padronaidelen71@hotmail.com
Watercolour Pastels Printmaking.
Art studies made in Caracas – Venezuela:

- Plastic Arts School “Cristobal Rojas”
- Styles in Painting “Van Gogh Academy”
- Engraving Techniques “CEGRA Graphic Teaching Centre”
- Education Project for Art “Simon Rodriguez University “

Aida’s work has been geared towards education and illustration, participating in exhibitions in Venezuela, Brazil, Costa Rica, Italy, Spain and the UK. Much of her life has been dedicated to her work as a Teacher of drawing, painting and engraving.

Based in the UK since 2012, Aida as taken part at OAS exhibition in Oxford (2015) and Bicester’s U3A Draw and Painting Group in 2016 ad 2018. In 2017 Aida took part at the 1era Asta d’Arte de Beneficenza at Florencia-Italy Gallery Imaginaria. In 2018 she participated at an exhibition for Bicester Festiva at Methodist Church. Her most recent individual exhibition took place at Stansfield and Hooke café in Bicester during the month of August 2018

This exhibition she is presenting here is the result of different moments of her production, hence the diversity of trends.

The techniques that have been used are:
- Watercolours
- Engraving in lino – cut
- Pastel
- Colour inks

“My vision of Art is that of an opportunity to explore and interpret in a free way our internal world and which surrounds us”
63b84aa4078da-Aida 1.jpg
63b84aa40899b-Aida 2.jpg
63b84aa409677-Aida 3.jpg
19 Margaret Grahammargaret.balliol@sky.com
Watercolour Acrylics
Margaret is a painter in acrylics. Some of her work reflects her Scots background; notably seaside scenes of the East Neuk of Fife and Wemyss pottery domestic pieces and quirky Wemyss cats which she has also made in pottery class.
She loves to paint pictures of places she has been both home and abroad, including street scenes and seascapes in the Caribbean.
Oxford covered Market features in her work as do Bicester's historical buildings.
She helps to run the Art Group at Bicester Forgetmenots Dementia group every Thursday morning in the Methodist Hall on Sheep Street which is very popular.Clients with dementia who have not lifted a pencil or used a paintbrush in 60 or 70 years produce some amazing artwork to their surprise and delight, You can see she loves colour and her paintings usually tell a story.
20 Dilys Benjafieldbenjafield@gmail.com
Oils Pastels Mixed Media
I have always loved creating artworks. It is an enjoyable (and sometimes frustrating) challenge to try and capture the beauty and interest of a subject in a form that people can then enjoy in their own home. I am inspired by the beauty of flowers, gardens and the countryside. Being originally from the south coast I also love coastal scenes and these feature in some of my paintings. I mainly work in oils but also like using pastels and other media.
I have taken part in numerous exhibitions throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
63b1921818764-echi 1.jpg
63b192183d341-water lilly mod 1.jpg
21 Siobhan AbrahamsSiobhanabrahams@btinternet.com
SiobhanAbrahamsArtist is an acrylic artist, with her work including both landscapes/seascapes and portraits. She started painting during the first lockdown to escape from the pressures of working on the frontline in A&E, and has painted every day since. She tries to capture emotions in her paintings and as well as painting one-off pieces, she also works on projects including one of her A&E colleagues and more recently with bereaved parents.63aad02b50611-081E112B-C9D3-4D27-BD67-5CDCDEC1EB56.jpeg
22 Cathy Readcsrread@gmail.com
Watercolour Acrylicshttps://cathyreadart.com
Contemporary artist Cathy Read creates urban landscape paintings that reflect city life in all it's glory.
As an Occupational Therapist, Cathy used art to develop fine motor skills in children. Realising the artist dream remained during a career break, it was now or never or regret it. Since then, Cathy has tenaciously built her career, learning on the job.
The Style developed from early, predominantly circle based abstracts into urban landscapes, fuelled by a lifelong interest in buildings – rooted in a childhood dominated by the giant cotton mills of Middleton, Manchester. Cathy exhibits around the UK, Europe, and is collected as far afield as Canada, Africa, and New Zealand.
She lives in a chapel near Buckingham, which she converted with her husband. It is close enough to London to get an Urban Architecture fix when needed. Cathy splatters paint and sings loudly in her Buckinghamshire Studio, when not steering a canal boat along the British waterways and wielding a windlass.
63a723613a693-Sheldonian Theatre Reflected- ©2021 - Cathy Read - Watercolour and Acrylic ink - 76 x 56 cm 1200 en.jpg
63a72361463f4-©2022 - Cathy Read - Balliol Door - 50 x 40 cm - Watercolour and Acrylic Ink 600.jpg
63a7236149f6b-©2022 - Cathy Read - Hays Galleria -Watercolour and Acrylic ink - 76 x 56 cm 1200.jpg
23 Susan Hardingsusanjoy.harding@tiscali.co.uk
Watercolour Photography
Flora, Fauna and Flight.
Images inspired by the natural and not so natural world.
63a6df1ef3d4c-Screenshot_20221016-222815~2.png (1) (2).jpg
63a6df1f0132f-Screenshot_20221016-222815~2.png (1) (1) (1).jpg
63a6df1f02598-Screenshot_20221016-222933~4.png (2).jpg
24 Barbara Emerybarbara.emery@rlaha.ox.ac.uk
I paint in acrylics. My subjects are mainly landscapes. I strive to paint vibrant scenes through careful observation, the use of strong colours and paying attention to negative spaces.63a5f093dfcb2-IMG_20221223_180458.jpg
25 Graham Perrymangraham@dragonflyframing.co.uk
my biog63a5e4aa452b5-_MG_4634 chickens.jpg
63a5e4aa7c61f-_MG_7777Blue Tit in Flight2.JPG
26 Victoria Stanwayvictoria.stanway@gmail.com
Being thoroughly miserable and cranky in the world of work, I began to channel this frustration into painting, and started creating imagined landscapes based on my memories of growing up in an impoverished northern mill town.

I started exhibiting in local art galleries, around Oxfordshire and the Home Counties and gained representation with various online galleries. All of this original series of painting were sold and are in private collections. In 2008 I was invited to become a member of the historic Oxford Art Society.

My work has since developed, from expressionistic and surreal landscapes, to figurative paintings of everyday domestic drudgery, and memories of childhood bogiemen.
63a5d87279b59-Projection in situ copy2.jpg
63a5d8727c1e3-Perv Park final web version.jpg
63a5d87284068-Non Illegitimi.jpg
27 Trevor Mockfordt.mockford@btinternet.com
Watercolour Oils
As a relative new comer to painting, my initial interest was in using watercolour, however I also enjoy creating images through oils on canvas. My work in both watercolour and oil is based on images that I have captured from visits to numerous locations, some local to where I live and many from much further afield. My own photography has played a large part in sourcing topics for my paintings, however I also enjoy the concept of creating outdoor sketches, which have materialised from visits to coastal areas, national parks and the more rural areas of the Scottish Highlands. My involvement with the Bicester Arts Network has enabled me to liaise with many other painters through similar local art groups and enjoyed the opportunities of working with more experienced artists. 63a5d466d4995-IMG_4623.jpg
28 Carole Mockfordcarolempottery@gmail.com
Isn’t it wonderfully comforting to have a special mug that you like to use each day? Or a beautiful pot that you just love looking at and touching? Pottery is so personal, we use it every day, so why not enjoy it? My approach to making pots is with a little bit of humour, a touch of quirkiness yet also functionality. I mostly throw on a pottery wheel but at times I’ll have a phase of handbuilding. I have a studio at home and a small kiln so I’m limited to small batch items, often one offs. Individually handcrafted items are special, made with love and a sense of creativity, but also hours of painstaking physical, technical and scientific work. It comes with a smattering of frustration and disappointment but often elation and joy when a plan comes together. This will be my second Artweeks and my second year of being face to face with potential customers. This past year has taught me a great deal about making to sell but I also keep to designs which please me and I hope also please those who come to see me. 63a5d335a6e92-2846EB9A-C250-499D-B090-69F9327EABF3.jpeg
29 Ruth Jakemanruthie62@btinternet.com
Oils Acrylics Mixed Mediaruthjakemanart.com
I work mainly in acrylics, utilizing my own photographs as inspiration for many of my paintings. Recently I’ve become fascinated by the process of digitally overlaying two photos and adjusting the transparency and colour balance to create vibrant, unique and often unexpected images that I then interpret in paint. This method allows the exploration of many subject matters, with endless possibilities....63a5babaec8da-IMG_0364.jpeg
30 Celine Beaugrandcmvb@hotmail.co.uk
Since starting exhibiting and selling her art in 2018, Céline has been using a variety of mediums including acrylic/collage, watercolour but since discovering digital technology in 2020, she turned to a different style altogether.
She is self-taught and loves experimenting; her approach to art is simple: “give it a try and see where it takes you”. This transpires in her latest pieces which could not be any further from where she started: art for children versus landscapes/Still Life and sometimes dramatic sceneries.
She works mainly from photographs she takes when creating landscapes and seascapes and enjoys working on details and shades. Céline still creates art for children which comes from her imagination for which she uses vibrant colours and dreamy sceneries.
Céline is French and has been living in Oxfordshire for 30 years.
63a5b6a5311f3-Spires by the Sea.png
63a5b6a53cc9f-Le Hibou Oxfordshire Artweeks.PNG
63a5b6a54f3ac-Flamingo - Oxfordshire Artweeks.PNG
31 Thomas Shepherdthomas@shepline.com
Pencil Drawing Pen & Ink Photography Printmaking
From books, buildings, and beyond.

An illustrated journey to over 800 independent booksellers via Oxford and Oxfordshire, landmarks and landscapes, maps and the imagined world. With a style somewhere between Rex Whistler and Edward Ardizzone, my work is both detailed and playful.
63a5b258402f9-Cevennes - 72dpi.jpg
32 Alexandra Buckleinfo@alexandrabuckle.co.uk
Alexandra lives in Oxfordshire and draws inspiration from countryside walks and the changes in weather and season upon the landscape. These scenic discoveries are transformed into colourful, impressionistic linocuts. Themes include sun streaming through woodlands and trees, twinkling water and reflections, carpets of flowers or fields with interesting skies. More recently, adventures from a trip to Japan have sparked a collection of works. Most prints are worked in reduction whereby layers of colour are cut and printed from the same block, destroying it in the process and limiting the edition.63a5a2ad8c7f7-Sea Pinks - Alexandra Buckle 1mb.jpg
63a5a2ad900e7-Lantern and Pine - Alexandra Buckle.jpg
63a5a2ad9bedf-Evergreen - Alexandra Buckle 1mb.jpg
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