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Getting advice on framing your pictures

backgroundChoosing the right picture frame and mount for your pictures, photographs and treasured memories can be a real challenge.

Getting the right proportions helps create balance and harmony, after all a framed picture is the finishing touch to your room and should complement the decor perfectly and impress your family and friends too. But, most importantly, it should make your art or picture the main focus of attention.

For those items that are precious to you, either sentimentally or financially, it's important to consider protecting them. Opting for quality conservation materials at the outset is a wise choice and will ensure that future generations can enjoy them too.


Dragonfly Framing offers the following advice to those that want their pictures, art or photographs framed.

  • Do arrange to consult with your picture framer to get advice on the best treatment for your picture.
  • Most pictures have a story, this may inspire your framer when it comes to the design, so why not share the story, after all we all love a good story.
  • Have a chat about the place it will hang in, such as style, colours, furnishings, are there lots of reflections or not.
  • How valuable is the picture, that's sentimental value as well as financial.
  • Ask what creative options are available for your picture.
  • Look out for the Fine Art Trade Guild logo to be assured of quality workmanship and service.
    Fine Art Trade Guild

All these things will influence the finished result of your framed picture and how it will enhance your home or office.Guild logo colour 23mm

At Dragonfly Framing I offer a free picture framing consultation that has several objectives to ensure the best result is achieved.

  • It is really important to me that I get to know you, the customer, your artwork or object and any specific requirements you may have.
  • I always assess the physical quality of the item to be framed and therefore take a photograph of it for my records. Its also important to take dimensions and understand any safe storage / care requirements.
  • Decide the right framing level appropriate to the artwork. As a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild I work within a set of five levels of framing, these standards define the levels of protection that might be required for the artwork, and this is decided on a case by case basis with the customer.
  • We’ll also choose the right mount/s, frame, and any creative enhancements that may be required. Finally we’ll discuss the choice of glass, an important decision that can have a dramatic effect on the finished frame.
  • At this point when we have decided together the best treatment for the artwork I’ll provide quotation for the work. Now, I do ask for 40% deposit prior to work commencing, standard practice in the framing industry.


Book a free picture framing consultation here, or simply arrange an appointment on the phone and we can start the process.

  • Mon-Fri | 09:00-17:00 | Registered office: Rowood House, First Floor, Suite B, Murdock Road, Bicester, OX26 4PP