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Canvas Wraps and Stretching Service

canvas stetcher

 Canvas stretching and squaring.

I cut stretcher bars to the required size using several different depths specially designed to hold the canvas. Stretcher bars can be held in place by our standard corner wedge or a more sophisticated 'arrow head' design (enabling re-stretching at a  later date should it be required).

Canvases can be gallery wrapped (so that the image covers both the sides and front) or wrapped with white canvas on the sides. Once stretched we can frame with either a stunning float frame or a more traditional frame or simply leave as a contempory gallery wrap, whatever suits!

Other Textiles

Tapestry, cross-stitch and embroidery are frequent items presented at the studio and need special treatment to ensure they are kept clean, are squared and stretched appropriately ahead of framing. Conservation materials should be selected for valuable or historic pieces to ensure they are preserved into the future.





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