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Textiles come in many forms including needlepoint, crewel and quilting. I have also added carpets and tapestries here. 

I never use any glues or adheives when framing these items, however valuable they are as this can have a devastating affect on the material and often can not be reversed. A suitable thickness board is chosen (using a colour that enhances the work and pH neutral) to stetch the artwork over. The material is then secured in place with a suitable thread woven at the rear before framing comences.   Stretching
Wednesday, 12 April 2017
Textiles - Yorkshire Village Embroidery
Textiles - Christmas embroidery
Textiles - Dragon Tapesty
Textiles - Elephant on cloth
Textiles - Elephant on silk
Textiles - Halloween - Trick or Treat
Textiles - Iranian Prayer Carpet
Textiles - Owls on a branch
Textiles - Lilly
Textiles - Winnie the Pooh