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Artweeks 2020

Oxfordshire Artweeks is all about meeting the artists behind the amazing array of art created in Oxfordshire. In Bicester, a growing market town in the north of the county, an increasing number of artists working hard to bring art to their community. In 2020 in association with Oxfordshire Artweeks & Dragonfly Framing we're delighted to present a series of interviews with these Bicester based artists who are taking part this year. It's always great to meet the artist and discover their techniques, where they get their inspiration from and learn more about their chosen media. So, here are a selection of discussions that we've had with this years exhibitors, delving into their creative worlds and exploring how they make it all come to life. 

The big difference this year is that we are running our exhibitions virtually online.

So Let's Meet...

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Francesca We travelled to the lovely village of Piddington, Oxfordshire to meet the lovely Francesca Darby and find out what inspires her art and to learn why a 'spirit of place' is so important in her work. We chatted over a mug of tea, overlooking her beautiful garden, and surrounded by a menagerie of very friendly pets.  We wanted to find out what media she uses and all about her artistic journey.

Read on to find out more


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 Karen Joy
After a short 15 minute drive from the centre of Bicester we find ourselves in the quaint village of Piddington that's surrounded by the Oxfordshire countryside. We're here to meet acrylic artist Karen Joy.

We wanted to find out about what inspires Karen's amazing paintings and explore her techniques that produce those distinctive 'Karen skies & landscapes' ahead of her Oxfordshire Artweeks exhibition in May. Karen is a prolific artist who loves to work quickly and this is overtly recognisable in the canvases she produces.


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 Jane Griffin
We met Jane Griffin in a lovely coffee shop in the market town of Bicester, north Oxfordshire for a chat about her jewellery and what inspires her to make such unique jewelled accessories.

Based locally, Jane specialises in jewellery using multi-media but she has a particular love of working with glass and metals, precious and otherwise. As a historian Jane takes influences from the past and designs very individual pieces that reflect both their past but also push forward new techniques and processes. Jane will be joining many other talented artists at Oxfordshire Artweeks, Bicester in May.

Read on as we dig deeper into the creative world of jewellery designer Jane Griffin.

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Casimira Mostyn2

    Our invitation to see Casimira was a real treat today. Located in east Bicester Casimira's living room is her studio and gallery rolled into one. Its a colourful place, popping with her quirky paintings of animals and plants. Sitting by the old stove we chatted about Casimira's artistic journey, what inspires her art.


Read on to discover more about the artist behind these distinct artworks. 

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Bob Shirley2We met up with Bob at his home studio to find out more about him and his painting. Based centrally in the market town of Bicester Bob has combined his living room with his studio, a satisfying arrangement as he is never too far away from his prized easle and paint brushes. In the past Bob has strived to move his art through different genres including abstracts in olis on large cancases to his latest acrylic paintings. We chatted over a cup of tea to find out about what inspires his work and where his artist journey has taken him.


Read on for more of Bob's story.



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