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January 2017 Update

It's a fabulous bit of kit with endless possibilities, creatively speaking. So it now time to dig into the software and start cutting.

This week (30th Jan) we are in the final throws of setting up the studio in readiness for opening (date to be finally confirmed soon), the studio toosl are on the move (from the garden shed!) to their new home upstairs at Mark Smith Landrover, who are very kinding hosting us to the time being.



Advanced Notice 

2021 Closure Dates

I sorry but the Framing Studio is closed on

the following dates in 2021:

Wed-Fri 28th - 30th July

Mon-Fri 13th - 17th Sept 

Find me at

Dragonfly Framing Ltd. Studio

Rowood House,

First Floor Suite B,

Murdock Road,

Bicester, Oxfordshire, 

OX26 4PP.


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