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Selecting a Specialist Glass

Specialist Picture Glass

Glass can transform the end result and can make or break the finish of a framed picture.

Picture Framing Glass was not created equal. To keep it simple lets split glass in to three groups, Ordinary, Bells, Bells and Whistles.


  Glass in this group is simply 2mm or 3mm float glass and it offers minimum protection against dust and dirt.


  Glass in this group offers more protection against harmful UV light and some glasses that also offer anti-reflective properties that enhance the visual appearance of the framed subject

Bells and Whistles

  Here we have the best of both worlds with top notch UV protection and anti-reflective properties.

Choosing your glass

  Standard framing uses 2mm or 3mm float glass for those on a budget, however, on the most part I choose to use TueVue glass to glaze with, this enhances the overall outcome and used extensively in conservation and museum level framing.  For valued artwork, photographs and textiles that require the very best UV protection and anti-reflection that will help to protect those precious pieces for years to come museum glass is highly recommended.

Choose from:

  • 2mm Water White glass for basic framing where UV and anti reflective properties are not required. This is the most affordable option for those on a tight budget, however, should the art, photograph or memorabilia be of sentimental value or have a high price tag you should consider one of the other options.
  • Conservation Clear is the most popular UV glass, a 2.5mm float glass with a very high UV protection blocking 99% of UV light to keep your picture beautiful for longer. However, this glass does not offer any anti-reflection.
  • Tru Vue UltraVue UV70 - This glass offers both anti-reflection and a degree of UV protection. It will block 70% of UV light and remove all but 1 degree of reflections too. It will enhance the brightness and clarity and bring out the colours of your pictures.
  • Museum glass AND Conservation grade UV protection. An exceptionally clear type of glass that is almost invisible thanks to Tru Vue's proprietary manufacturing process. It will also block 99% of UV light that is harmful to your photographs, art and important memorabilia.

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