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From the first look, it is clear how much time, concentration and patience goes into these creations. So, putting as much or more effort into stretching, mounting and framing is paramount.

In this blog, you will learn some top tips about the processes and techniques that ensure the artwork is protected from dust, moisture and harmful UV rays, whilst also displaying in an attractive frame and mount – allowing the designs to be seen at their best.


Barn Owl

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Artweeks Exhibition 5th -25th May 2018

Venue 3 - Foyer of Mark Smith Land Rover, 2A Wedgwood Road, Bicester. OX26 4UL

Dragonfly Framing and Photography. This will be my first ever exhibition of photography and with Artweeks.

I am delighted to be presenting a series of photographs inspired by my horticultural background and sights from the world around us. Printed on fine art paper and canvas in a variety of frames.

Mounted prints and framed originals available for sale or to order in a variety of sizes.

Do come along and take a look, chat about my photography techniques and learn about the process of framing photography.

It's also a great pleasure to be joining another 18 venues in the area for this fabulous event. You can pick up a guide and a trail map that'll help you navigate this extensive festival during May.





Oxfordshire Artweeks website

Artweeks Trail Map Bicester Area


Framing in black and white

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 Interest in interior design continues to grow and art is increasingly being used to complement the colour and theme of a room’s décor.  

The correct choice of artwork and frames can add important finishing touches to the interior design of your home.  But with colours and themes going out as soon as they come in, it’s hard to know what’s hot and what’s not. 

Despite ever changing interior design trends, black and white images and photographs continue to be a popular & timeless choice.

The ability of black and white images to fit many decorating styles has contributed to its increased popularity, and customers have become more open to alternative, more sophisticated framing designs for these items.

FramesChoosing the right picture frame and mount for your pictures, photographs and treasured memories can be a real challenge.

Getting the right proportions helps create balance and harmony, after all a framed picture is the finishing touch to your room and should complement the decor perfectly and impress your family and friends too. But, most importantly, it should make your art or picture the main focus of attention.

For those items that are precious to you, either sentimentally or financially, it's important to consider protecting them. Opting for quality conservation materials at the outset is a wise choice and will ensure that future generations can enjoy them too.  

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